Sparkling Brut Champagne

Castle Glen Sparkling Chardonnay 2002 & Gold Leaf


Semi dry sparkling chardonnay made in the traditional champagne style with gold leaf.

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Product Description

Semi-dry sparkling chardonnay made in the traditional champagne style with gold leaf.

All Preservative Free

Wineart Gallery is the first bottle shop in Australia where all of its products have no added preservatives or chemicals.  We are extremely proud of this venture bringing to our customers preservative and chemical free wines, ports, spirits and liqueurs.  The added preservative most people are affected by is sulphur (SO2), usually shown on wine labels as additive (220).  Most of the products are also organic.

We change our tasting wines monthly allowing those who visit the shop to try a different brand of wine every month.  Because most of our liqueurs do not contain egg or milk we are able to have many of them open for tasting all the time.  This focus on tasting also creates an excellent atmosphere and venue for private tastings.  Check out our news Facebook pages for upcoming events or call us if you would like to organise a special event or group booking.

Our range will grow considerably as we progress and source new suppliers.  We would like our bottle shop to be a one-stop shop all preservative free drinks.  Each product on our website specifies if it is vegan friendly.  Thereby making it easier for vegans to select products that are suitable for them.  We accept any suggestions for improvement to our website and products so that we continually meet our customer needs.

Additional Information

Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 31 cm






Vegan Friendly