Freeman Lion Hotel Wilberforce
Freeman Lion Hotel Wilberforce Framed

The Lion Hotel – Wilberforce – William Freeman


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The Lion Hotel – Reminiscent Scene of an Old Country Hotel

The Lion Hotel is on the Hawkesbury River at the junction of the Putty Road.  It would have seen many a tired traveller in its day.

Bill’s unofficial signature is an uneven number of birds or chooks somewhere in the painting. In this case, three chooks are in the foreground of the Lion Hotel.  What a delightful scene, something that you and all who visit your home, will cherish forever.

Bill Freeman OAM and his family live in the shadow of Purple Hill, Minmi, with a creek running by… perfect setting for this creator of fine art.  His studio is purpose built.  There is plenty of natural light and the windows give a please view of his beloved gardens.  Bill is a humble, sincere and down to earth man who loves the sea, the bush, old houses and people – not only loves them, but is able to capture them superbly on canvas.

In 1994 Bill Freeman won the “Dobell Art Prize” – the most respected art prize in the Hunter Valley.  In 2008 Bill Freeman received an OAM for his services to art.  Bill set up the Society of Hunter Valley Artists and has been extremely generous to many causes.  He has donated paintings to raise money over many years, and he has judged and mentored many art shows.

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William Freeman


50cm x 40cm


Oil on Board