Swansea Heads by John Bradley
Swansea Heads Framed by John Bradley

Swansea Heads by John Bradley


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John Bradley is emerging as Australia’s most desirable artist.

This magnificent painting by John Bradley shows stunning use of light, structure, perspective and balance to produce a wonderful scene with enormous depth and dimension. A number of wedge shapes that have come from John’s use of light and shadows as well as land formations add further to the strength of this work. This painting has enormous depth, as a result of the combination of composition and back lighting. ” Back Lighting” is where an artist uses a lighter background to draw your eye to it.  It also ads atmosphere to the work.  This visually striking painting is professionally executed with masterful use of colour and tone designed to stir the heart and lift the soul.

John has drawn and painted for as long as he can remember.   He is largely self-taught and therefore not  influenced by any past Australian Painter.  John Bradley’s former promoter and manager is the same person who took d’Arcy Doyle from obscurity to fame and fortune.  And now John is going down the same path to promote his art. The secret to this success is the reproduction of his work in books, prints, dinner place mats and drink coasters.  Also limited edition plates, calendars, tapestries and even jigsaw puzzles.

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John Bradley


120cm x 80cm


Oil on Board


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